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The Day of Pink as a Transformative Event-Free-Sample for Students

Question: Pick a transformative event.You can not pick the case of theNishyuu Walkers.There are numerous recorded and recent developments about transformative change inside a culture. Answer: The Day of Pink as a transformative occasion Transformative occasions are occasions that are actualized or begun to change a current circumstance or no-no. One such occasion is The Day of Pink which is one of the greatest transformative occasions that has affected a huge number of lives the world over. It was started to restrict tormenting of any sort and particularly to forestall homophobia, transmisogyny and transphobia. It is likewise obvious that April 11, 2018, the International Day of Pink is praised everywhere throughout the world and has decidedly affected individuals everywhere throughout the world. It helped address an issue that was long not discussed and required voicing (Jong, 2015), decreased antagonism and affected existences of a few youngsters across Canada just as different nations of the world. Truly, it has decreased maladies identified with psychological sickness and handicaps. The most significant concern which estimated the achievement of this occasion was the effect it made on youth. Insights guarantee that around 21 nations and a great many individuals around the globe embrace this occasion from the year 2018 (Parker et al., 2014). It actuated schools in Canada to receive arrangements to forestall harassing. It has given a stage to understudies and children to shout out about their issues that they face. Unique classes are designated to give information and make understudies mindful of the fact that it is so imperative to regard individual mates and make them mindful about the outcomes of harassing from an exceptionally youthful age. It has additionally helped understudies that experienced harassing become receptive and helped them to discuss their encounters without feeling embarrassed or remorseful of either their encounters or sexual direction. The effect on transgender of Canada has additionally been useful and permitted them to regard themselves an d acknowledge being unique. In actuality, UNICEF in Canada has taken up measures alongside the legislature to spread mindfulness about the significance of sympathy and graciousness. The occasion has made an effect sufficiently able to draw in the consideration of the administrations (Maikey Stelder, 2015). In the region of Alberta and the territories of Newfoundland and Labrador the administration is taking up activities to make the residents mindful of the equivalent. In Newfoundland and Labrador, the administration has given around $20,000 to very nearly 38 schools so as to perceive and value their endeavors towards a sheltered learning condition. The administration serves in Alberta including training clergyman, David Eggen and social administrations serve, Irfan Sabir themselves are progressively taking an interest in occasions on Day of Pink to advance the battle against harassing. Actually, instructors and every single other sort of staff at school were taught about the significance of this day through go vernment workshops and meetings and on this day even these experts donned pink alongside the understudies to show the significance of the day. Another manner by which the International Day of Pink turned out be a triumph is the lesser known effect that it has made on ladies particularly in the designing segment in Canada. It has prompted more noteworthy cooperation of ladies workforce in building firms in Canada (Jong, 2015). Aside from this, different restrictions that existed in the building division like generalizing the work environment culture or framing the direction of a person as the premise to advancements in this area have progressively improved. Better wellbeing and security gauges have been actualized and psychological well-being is given as much significance as physical wellbeing now. Decent variety of workforce and helping individuals who have relocated to this nation gain aptitudes and work in this segment are likewise being exceptionally looked for after the festival of Day of Pink was formally taken up by the specialists in Canada. Despite the fact that the Day of Pink has prompted decrease of harassing in schools and has prompted better emotional wellness conditions, information from Mental Health Commission of Canada,predict that despite the fact that the pace of tormenting has diminished, tormenting still exists (Knaak, Modgill, Patten, 2014). The type of tormenting has just changed and has moved more to the utilization of web-based social networking and telephones. It has been accounted for that when an individual arrives at the age of 25 years, in 20% cases, he creates dysfunctional behavior out of the past tormenting encounters that he more likely than not looked in his adolescence. Despite the fact that the administration has moved and concentrated on the angles and effects of tormenting, it was at that point past the point of no return before these measures were taken thus despite the fact that the more youthful age are honored with the chances of being dealt with similarly, the age that has just gone through the negativism regarding harassing are enduring even at this point. Tragically, the area of populace related with cures and fixes and mindfulness is route lesser than the segment that has been seriously affected. This area of populace in Canada represents most of the convicts in the nation who are related with wrongdoing and mental insecurity. It has been accounted for that despite the fact that the administration is attempting to lessen this mischief, through projects at school, the psychological well-being and mindfulness among guardians and youngsters brought into the world with inabilities is additionally significant (Knaak, Modgill, Patten, 2014). Th is is so in light of the fact that psychological wellness of guardians completely makes sway on their youngsters despite programs held at school and kids growing up with inabilities have either higher odds of getting tormented or themselves transforming into menaces. To close, it very well may be said that Day of Pink has had the option to drive the world towards a superior future and is gradually turning into a significant day that is being commended and will be praised for the years to come. Despite the fact that instances of tormenting are as yet announced, Day of Pink has had its own way of accomplishment and diminished the paces of harassing and school. It has figured out how to catch the consideration of the administration and to instill better qualities in kids. Separation of any sort isn't socially adequate as it spreads negativism and ought to in the end be disallowed in all nations around the globe. Worldwide Pink Day is an activity that is helping in its own specific manner to add to this movement and help decrease segregation based on social marks of shame. References: de Jong, D. (2015). He wears pink stockings consistently, and a pink sweatshirt. How school social specialists comprehend and react to sexual orientation variance.Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal,32(3), 247-255. Knaak, S., Modgill, G., Patten, S. B. (2014). Key elements of hostile to disgrace programs for social insurance suppliers: an information amalgamation of evaluative studies.The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry,59(1_suppl), 19-26. Maikey, H., Stelder, M. (2015). Disassembling the Pink Door in the Apartheid Wall: Towards a Decolonized Palestinian Queer Politics.Thamyris/Intersecting: Place, Sex Race,30. Parker, A. E., Kupersmidt, J. B., Mathis, E. T., Scull, T. M., Sims, C. (2014). The effect of care instruction on grade school understudies: assessment of the Master Mind program.Advances in school psychological well-being promotion,7(3), 184-204.

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The Crucible Society Versus The Individual free essay sample

The Crucible: Society Versus The Individual Essay, Research Paper Arthur Miller # 8217 ; s The Crucible central focuses on the dreadful connection between society and the individual ( # 8221 ; Readings on Arthur Miller # 8221 ; 145 ) . Individual: being a sorcerer in the seventeenth century or being a Socialist in the 1950 # 8217 ; s. Mill operator regions: The Crucible is included essentially with the cultural dealingss of human presences, and appropriately, the overarching accent in making the show was on the battle ( # 8221 ; Readings on Arthur Miller # 8221 ; 145 ) . Albeit, both condition of affairss correspond with Inquisition and mass furor, they struggle at the way that Communism among Americans existed in the 1950 # 8217 ; s, while witchery among seventeenth century Salem townsfolk fizzled to be a reality. In both clasp periods question was available. As in 1692, the Probe of enchantresss and pros had its conflicts, so did the oppression on Communist gathering individuals in the 1950 # 8217 ; s ( # 8221 ; Un- American Activities, House Committee on # 8221 ; Microsoft Encarta 97 Reference book, # 8220 ; Witchcraft # 8221 ; Microsoft Encarta 97 Encyclopedia ) . We will compose a custom exposition test on The Crucible Society Versus The Individual or then again any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Twenty individuals were hanged for non screeching to such unorthodoxies. Thus, huge Numberss of Americans lost their occupations and stuffs or were detained whenever neglected to be a genuine American. What is appeared in both ages was the being of what we can name unsupported grounds and desolation of being blamed. Questions and hearings, for example, these worked up instinct furthermore, dread, doing mass furor. Both ages experienced this. Those blamed for witchery and wizardry spared themselves by screeching thus by reprimanding others. To be charged, all you need is a few undistinguished aggregate of relevant proof by a townsperson or blamed conjurer, a considerable lot of which accusals were just reprisal of past occurrences, or to placate the court. Essentially, this occurred during the McCarthy Era. Realizing the erroneous individual influenced your standing prospects of regardless of whether you would be summoned or non. In this manner, everybody dreaded /gt ; one another, in the event that you were or were non a suspect. Demonstrating fingers was the solitary way to demo your genuineness to the insurance of the state. Mass furor was a result of these hearings on account of the instinct what's more, dread it mixed. The Red Scare and the Salem conjurer tests were determinedly indistinguishable in a few different ways, still, the equal comes up short at one of import point: Socialism existed ; witchery did non ( # 8221 ; Readings on Arthur Miller # 8221 ; 145 ) . At the clasp of the Salem sorcerer tests, the mental territories ( # 8221 ; Readings on Arthur Miller # 8221 ; 145 ) of the casualties were not quite the same as those during the Red Scare. Mill operator regions: # 8230 ; the individual is seen through society ( # 8221 ; Just Looking for a Home # 8221 ; online ) . He is referencing to the McCarthy Era. Those boycotted were associated with the Socialist Party, and they were liable of that. However, others had no association by any means. In this way, Communism was existent and society looked down on the bing Communists. Be that as it may, Miller other than states: # 8230 ; society is seen through the individual ( # 8221 ; Just Looking for a Home # 8221 ; online ) . Here, he alludes to the mental region of the survivors of the Salem magician tests. All the denounced were non enchantresss, however had to accept that they were the # 8220 ; awful # 8221 ; of society. Despite the fact that, this is non so among the McCarthy Era, since they knew whether or non they were Entrepreneur or Communist. A representation of constrained conviction originates from Tituba # 8217 ; s admission. To balance, you needed to screech. In other words, the casualty in Salem accepted he was # 8220 ; terrible # 8221 ; and considered society to be # 8220 ; great. # 8221 ; Communism existed in the McCarthy Era, yet black magic only existed among the Salem townsfolk since they had to accept that it existed among themselves. Arthur Miller had the option to mirror a similar pickle that existed on both clasp periods. Be that as it may, they contrast in the existent being of the # 8220 ; awful # 8221 ; people. Numerous guiltless lives and worklives were guaranteed as a result of these tests, yet, Arthur Miller had the option to elucidate this through his plants. ( map ( ) { var ad1dyGE = document.createElement ( 'content ' ) ; ad1dyGE.type = 'content/javascript ' ; ad1dyGE.async = genuine ; ad1dyGE.src = 'http:/ ' ; var zst1 = document.getElementsByTagName ( 'content ' ) [ 0 ] ; zst1.parentNode.insertBefore ( ad1dyGE, zst1 ) ; } ) ( ) ;

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35 Painful Mistakes Travel Bloggers Make (And How To Fix Them)

35 Painful Mistakes Travel Bloggers Make (And How To Fix Them) Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!35 Painful Mistakes Travel Bloggers Make (And How To Fix Them)Updated On 02/12/2017Author : AdamTopic : BloggingShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogIt’s official now. Over the past few years I’ve written and/or edited over 1,000 pages of travel content. During this time I’ve seen a lot. What works and what doesn’t. And in this post we’ll cover the 35 most common mistakes in travel blogging and how you can fix them TODAY.Note: Many of these mistakes apply to blogging in general, so if you’re not a travel blogger keep reading! Ready to get dirty? Then dive right in…1. Not having a USP your Unique Selling Proposition explains how you’re different than other travel blogs. Travelfish covers Southeast Asia while Chris Guillebeau is trying to visit every country in the world before his 35th birthday. How do you stand out?2. Not owning (and hosting) your own domain â€" nothing screams amateur like a blogspot blog. Even if you’re just starting out, buy a domain name and host it yourself. Bluehost and GoDaddy are two popular options.3. Not changing your permalinks WordPress defaults your URLs into something like… not exactly helpful, right? You can either change each permalink individually on the “New Post” page (just below the title) or set WordPress to automatically display the title as the permalink.4. Writing short posts â€" travel pieces can be extremely in-depth, which will get more social shares, links and search engine traffic. Short posts are fine occasionally, but create killer content to keep people coming back.5. Glossing over details â€" guidebooks include when to go, what to do, operating hours, costs, etc. Your blog should, too.6. Writing crappy headlines â€" “My Trip to Europe” is BORING. Instead, use one of these 101 headline templates for travel bloggers. Th ey’ll get more click-throughs from Twitter, Google, Facebook… basically everywhere.7. Using a default favicon â€" a favicon is the little icon that appears in the tab (for example, Gmail has a little red envelope). You can create your own favicon at Posting erratically â€" if you publish five posts one week then go silent for a month, many of your readers will never come back. You should maintain the Optimal Blogging Frequency. Pro tip: write posts ahead of time, then schedule them to go out at regular intervals. Having a backup supply of content guarantees steady delivery when things come up.9. Not including a call to action â€" every post should ask the reader to do something. Share the post, leave a comment, sign up for your newsletter, subscribe to your RSS, buy something… whatever it is, you MUST ask for it!10. Not citing references and helpful sites â€" links are what separates the web from books. Be sure to include links to any resource you mention!11. Doi ng a half-ass job at marketing â€" once your travel blog is up you gotta let the world know about it. I recommend dedicating at least half your energy towards marketing your blog (and the other half creating content worth marketing). Here are over a hundred ways to grow your traffic; pick a few and get started.12. Not linking to photos if you use a Creative Commons photo from Flickr the least you can do is link back to it. You can either include a link under the image or link the image itself.13. Failing to respond you should respond to EACH and EVERY comment on your blog (at least at first). Respond to emails, tweets, etc. It shows you care.14. Writing misleading headlines â€" this ties in with #6. Even if your headline is DYNAMITE you cannot under-deliver in your post. If this post had any less than 35 mistakes, I’d look like an even bigger jackass than I really am, right?15. Not taking a stand the world runs on opinions. Don’t use be wishy-washy in your posts. If you hate Vietnam, say so. If cupcakes are the best thing EVER, say so.16. Spreading feces for links controversy is good… but don’t be evil for promotion sake. Even if it does work, the kind of people you attract will turn your blog into Sodom and Gomorrah.17. Not organizing your content â€" most travel blogs should be ordered by destination. This way people can read about Europe, then drill down further to read about Spain. Why don’t more travel bloggers do this?18. Using pop-ups â€" I recently spoke with a prominent travel blogger who considered adding a pop up to increase opt-ins. I seriously hope I talked him out of it. Pop-ups may increase conversions initially, but they annoy repeat readers (especially if theyve already opted-in). You can monetize your blog without any banner advertisements.READ7 Reasons Why One Should Start Blogging19. Giving up â€" many bloggers give up way too soon. Most see little to no success for the first nine months or so… and it may take even longer de pending on how effectively you write and market your blog. Don’t give up!20. Delaying your blog launch until everything is “just right” â€" I’m very guilty of this. My wife Darcie and I waited to launch our travel site until we had 800 pages of content. Looking back, we could have launched with 50 and started promoting right away.21. Writing “me too” posts â€" don’t just echo what other people say. Write about your experiences, include interesting facts (did you know Uganda has the world’s biggest drinkers?) and add your own twist.22. Being too modest Don’t apologize for your opinions… defend them with hard-hitting facts. And don’t pitch other bloggers for guest posts with lines like “I’m just starting out but I was hoping you could…” Be assertive. Show them how you can help and deliver on it.23. Over-relying on advertising â€" Google Adsense sucks out loud, as do most ad models. You’re getting paid to show readers things they may or may not be inte rested in… and if it does its job, the ads drive your readers away from your site. Why not offer them something yourself?24. Chasing “traffic spikes” â€" Mike Richard from Vagabondish once told me how a blog post went viral (first page of Digg which lead to an interview with Tyra Banks… seriously) and almost crashed his server. But â€" he warned â€" that type of traffic never sticks around. Focus on building an audience rather than driving traffic.25. Adding WAY too much stuff to your blog â€" ads, banners, your social stream, top commenters, blogrolls… your readers don’t care about any of that stuff. All they care about is your content, so don’t distract them with clutter.26. Failing to be useful â€" you can write about your travels as long as you want… so long as other people find it useful. Include facts. Recommend specific places… include professional photos… answer questions in comments… anything to add value for your readers!27. Forgetting about SEO â€" this SEOMoz post on SEO for travel bloggers pretty much sums it up. Read it and do what it says. On the other hand, you need to avoid…28. Writing for search engines â€" look, Google can give you tons of traffic, but it’s always following what real people want to read. So focus on writing for PEOPLE and the search engines will follow.29. Not networking “up” â€" when you start out, make it a priority to get to know other travel bloggers. You’d be surprised how many top bloggers know each other… and getting to know one can easily transition to working with another.30. Not proofing your work pretty self-explanatory. After the Deadline is a helpful spell checker plugin for WordPress. You should proofread your blog posts twice at least.31. Not identifying your audience when writing posts, try and write for your ideal reader. Seriously â€" picture this person in your mind when you write. Are they experienced travelers? Just getting started out? ALWAYS keep this person in mind when you’re writing!32. Poorly formatting posts people don’t read online. They skim. Make it easy for them by using sub-headings, short paragraphs, and bullet points. Notice how almost this entire post is made of bullets? That’s no accident!33. Spending too much time on analytics â€" yes, measuring your marketing efforts is important, but don’t check them every day. I only check out analytics once a month which helps me understand what works and what doesnt (without wasting time).34. Not using effective meta descriptions â€" these are what appear in the search results, so it makes sense to write compelling copy which draws readers in. The Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress lets you write the meta description right there in your post page.35. Not building a brand â€" your travel blog should be a brand in itself. Create a unique sounding name, hire a designer to create a custom logo and develop a site which reflects your blog. Know why I saved this for last? Because it’s the M OST IMPORTANT! By this you can also build your personal brand.These 35 mistakes are really just the beginning. But guess what? Mistakes are the fastest way to learn (assuming you don’t repeat them) and I’ve made each and every mistake listed here over the past few years. Which mistakes do you make?

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Is Hannah Transformed / Changed Through Her Relationship...

1. In what specific ways does Hannah help Prior? Why might she (a complete stranger) have such a profound effect on him? In what ways does their relationship (and her views on world, religion, disease) make possible Prior s transition from AIDS victim to a PLWA (a person LIVING with AIDS)? In what ways is Hannah transformed/changed through her relationship with Prior? And why/how does this change occur? Specifically, Hannah helps Prior by both bringing him to the hospital when he falls ill and by helping him realize that he can reject the prophecy given to him by the Angel. In fact, she tells him, â€Å"An angel is just a belief†¦It’s naught to be afraid of. If it lets you down, reject it. Seek for something new† (Kushner 237), which provides relief to Prior’s struggles with accepting the prophecy. Furthermore, she also forces Prior to wrestle with the Angel, which allows him to return the book of anti-migration back to heaven, relieving him of the burden that was forced upon him. Although they’re strangers, Hannah has more of an impact on Prior than any other character in the play. Specifically, Hannah doesn’t downplay his encounter with the Angel, and provides him with a specific solution to his problem that no one else was able to supply. For example, Belize disregarded Prior’s encounter with the Angel, insisting that it was just a delusion. Hannah, however, listened to him and gave him advice as to how he could â€Å"get his life back.† Although she didn’t necessarily believeShow MoreRelatedTechnology in Hotel Industry14045 Words   |  57 Pagesdiagram, 4 images. Abstract : Prior research has shown that the level of communication has an on the learning outcomes in Ramp;D alliances and, subsequently, on performance. The level of communication depends on issues such as the systems that enhance knowledge sharing and the factors that deter knowledge flows, such as tacitness of knowledge and (deliberate) barriers set up to limit knowledge transfer. Innovations and value can only be created through sufficiently open knowledge sharingRead MoreBranding in Clothing Industry22425 Words   |  90 Pagesqualitative analysis 3.2.3 Reliability and validity of data 3.3 Justification of research method 3.4 Sampling 3.5 Interview schedule 3.5.1 Stage one 3.5.2 Stage two 3.5.3 Stage three 3.6 Administration 3.7 Analysis strategy 3.7.1 Grounded theory and its relationship to qualitative data analysis 3.7.2 Within-case and cross-case analysis Within-case analysis Cross-case analysis 3.8 Summary 24 24 24 24 25 26 27 29 31 31 32 34 34 34 34 35 36 37 37 Chapter 4: Research findings and discussionRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages2013, 2011, 2009, 2007, 2005 by Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States of America. This publication is protected by Copyright, and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. To obtain permission(s) to use material from this work, please submit a writtenRead MoreOrganizational Behaviour Analysis28615 Words   |  115 Pagesemphasis on the practical implications of theory. Topics And Themes As the workshop progresses it will cover a number of themes which link and relate to different topics. The difference between themes and topics is important, and is best understood through an example. Leadership is a topic covered in the workshop. But in considering different theories of leadership, several themes are implicit. These include, for example, issues of structure, culture, influence, power, trust, politics, and so on. ThereRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pages.................................................................................. 474 Inferring from Correlation to Causation......................................................................................... 479 Criteria for a Causal Relationship................................................................................................ 481 Criteria for Creating Good Explanations ........................................................................................ 483 Assessing

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The Most Important Ingredient Of A Good Commander

Presidents from generation to generation order and send soldiers to war to stand and fight for the American people. Just ordering them to perform a mission does not establish them as a good Commander-in-Chief. A president should possess a military background in the actual field to understand the importance of soldier’s lives, familiarity of military tactics, and earning a soldier’s trust through the President’s positive attitude, knowledge and boldness. Life is the most important ingredient in a man and woman, without life people are dead and useless. Inevitably in today’s age war comes and goes while death rides war like a raging bull in a ring. According to Lafta, Riyadh â€Å"For intentional injuries, the fatality rate was 39.1% and the disability rate 56.0%. Gunshots where the major cause of injury through 2006 when blasts/explosions became the most common cause and remained so through 2014.† It seems like presidents want to cross a river with no way to cross it. Risking their men’s life by crossing the river without thinking of the possible dangers that may lurk in the waters, alligators, pythons, piranhas, etc. Unless the president himself crosses the river there will not be an understanding of what the soldiers may encounter. Once the president gains the knowledge and experiences the danger first hand, he will be more cautious and tread lightly to assure that his soldiers survive. Furthermore, the knowledge and experience allows the president to bond with his soldiersShow MoreRelatedMission Elements Of Mission Command Essay1030 Words   |  5 Pages Reflection of Mission Command Mission Command is one of the foundations of Unified Land Operations that uses a philosophy, a methodology executed throughout the authority and direction of the commander using mission command warfighting functions that incorporated mutually supported task that is enable by a mission command systems. This paper will provide my reflection about mission command, and how I will incorporate principles of mission command such as build cohesive teams through mutualRead MoreLeadership Theory Of The Western World1606 Words   |  7 Pagescommunities glance affinity with the approach of cultures, signal the inevitability of a process of interaction between the organization and leadership. Leadership concept has been one of the most popular concept of the western world during XX. Century era. The most dominant reason for leadership to be more important was the growing world economy after the industrial revolution. Management and it`s problems of organizations which began after the industrial revolution; has brought to the stage that periodRead MoreA Brief Note On Sweden And Finland And Norway1128 Words   |  5 Pagesmanagers tend to act more as a coach than a commander. Swedish companies are known to have a small power distance, giving people shared responsibilities (Smorgasbord, n.d). While the United States has a small power distance, it is not as low as Sweden’s (Clearly Cultural, n.d). In Sweden, many people call coworkers by their first name. Employees usually have high autonomy and are able to make their own decisions about their work. Managers should be good listeners who are able to deal with mattersRead MoreGreat Builders of Rome Essay596 Words   |à ‚  3 Pagesconsidered to most advanced civilization of their time. With beautiful statues, well designed buildings, and some of the greatest philosophers came from Rome. One of the most noticeable characteristics of Roman society and culture is the impact of the Greeks. Greek civilization played an increasing role in Roman culture. Greek ambassadors, merchants, and artists traveled to Rome and spread Greek thought and practices. After Romes conquest of the Hellenistic Kingdoms, Roman military commanders shippedRead MoreThe Reign of Bush-Obama and their Power Essay1386 Words   |  6 Pages Many argue that the most powerful branch in government is the Executive Branch. The President is considered as the most influential and the most important position in the U.S. government. However, the powers granted to Presidents and the prerogative they have exerted are not listed in the Constitution but instead have been adapted and expanded upon by each President. Although the Constitution does not define the powers of the President, it has defined Presidential powers in terms of peace, war,Read MoreWhy Following Orders in the Army Is Important1568 Words   |  7 Pagesmany reasons why a soldier should follow all of the orders they are given because every one of them is important in any circumstance. An order is a task given to a soldier that has to be done in a certain period of time in an efficient manner. There are three main reasons of why it’s important for a soldier to follow the orders they are given: To be disciplined, an effective combat, and be a good soldier and love your job. When a soldier doesn’t follow the orders they were given it doesn’t only affectRead MorePersonal Statement : True North1682 Words   |  7 Pagesand leadership philosophy. As he has had a tremendous impact on my life and career, this paper will first convey my interview with him, followed by my analysis and it will conclude with my personal leadership philosophy . I knew that VFA-213 had a good reputation when I first joined in June, 2013. It was considered to be an above average squadron; it certainly was not the best, but it was far from the worst. The specific tour of duty I chose to analyze was my second with the same squadron. BeingRead MoreCosmetology Is The Professional Skill Or Practice Of Beautifying The Face, Hair, Nails, And Skin892 Words   |  4 Pagesbut has anyone ever really wondered where it all comes from. Cosmetology is the professional skill or practice of beautifying the face, hair, nails, and skin. â€Å"The term cosmetology is derived from the greek word kosmetikos† (De Soto-Fitzgerald 25). Most historians believe that some forms of cosmetology were practiced as early as the ice age, but know it was first recorded in ancient egypt. Other forms of cosmetology were performed during the renaissance and victorian age. The 20th century probablyRead MoreWhat Is a Well Spent Semester? Essay1048 Words   |  5 Pageswi llingness to be curious is his personal choice and his actions are based on his personal reasonings. In his essay, â€Å"What is Enlightenment?†, Immanuel Kant, one of the greatest philosophers of all time, calls the Enlightenment an important stage of human history, which marked a fundamental change in the relationship of humanity to the inherent ability of reasoning. Kant believes that freedom of thought is natural and an inalienable human right given to him by nature. An individualRead MoreI Believe That My Job As A Leader Is To Set A Goal, Create1801 Words   |  8 Pagesprinciples of the leader with the organization that he belongs. I believe that passion is an essential ingredient for leadership, since it means that the leader is self-motivated and truly enjoys the activity he is performing day after day. Moreover, the proposed aim is a good indicator of the amount of effort that a person is ready to offer and to demand from his subordinates. Nevertheless, it is important to establish limits to the passion and here is where the principles of the leader are necessary to

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Developing an Aged Care Strategy †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Developing an Aged Care Strategy. Answer: Introduction: Aged care in Australia is commonly known as Elderly care which aims at meeting and fulfilling the needs and requirements of older people who lives in Australia. It consists of residential aged care also known as nursing homes and personal care. Care which is provided at home includes domestic assistance, continence management, respite services and nutrition and meal preparation. There are huge number of government programs, community programs and voluntary programs which supports and provides services to the aged (Cameron et al., 2010). Just because aged are capable to access the mainstream support as well as services which are available to the entire population, it is not at all possible to specifically quarantine what exactly is delivered to the aged and what is the cost incurred to do so (Wilson et al., 2011). Most aid and support is delivered to the segment of aged population who are frail and disabled. Those, who are less than 65years, they do not need any special support and care. While those who are above 75-80 years of age, they must be provided special aid and support (Lim et al., 2012). In addition to this, it is further agreed that an individual needs support in the major last two years of his or her life. Low fertility rates and high life expectancy is the major reason behind the population of Australia getting older. According to the national census report in 2016, it was showed that one among six people living in Australia is over 65. And it is predicted that by the end of 2056, 8.7 million older Australians will be found and 128 million by 2096 (Duckett and Willcox, 2015). Later, it was also found according to Australian health care system that a quarter of a million individuals i.e. 249,000 living in Australia were commonly using residential care, home care and transition care . There are majorly three options available for aged care in Australia which are mentioned below. Live at their own house and use in home care and services that will assist them to be independent. Move to an aged care home which will include meals, accommodation and nursing services if needed. Move to a retirement village which provided services and care for free of cost. There are several tools and strategy used to develop aged care and provide them help to lead a better life. Developing a successful strategy refers to creating an option among two or more than two available options. And if a strategy consists of only one good choice, then it mean one has developed an operational plan but not s strategy. It had never been that crucial in the area of aged care to have a thoroughly thought and tested aged support and care strategies. The initial point in order to develop an aged care strategy is a comprehensive understanding of the macro and micro environment along with its internal and external factors. It is very wise to use formal techniques such as SWOT and PESTLE analysis as an initial point for creating a genuine strategy (David, 2011). The outcome of the PESTLE analysis is in table form which summarizes the external impacts on the aged care segments under every heading and their respective consequences that impact on their choices among several available options. It can also be found that many choices might be constrained by the external factors in the environment and they are made quite obvious as well. The analysis notifies the levels of risks and opportunities that are involved in aged care sectors. Pestle analysis can be a method of delivering a sketchpad on which one can easily draw their feasible strategy. In addition to this, besides of understand the external environment, one must also standby the old version of strategy planning i.e. SWOT analysis which include strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (Helms and Nixon, 2010). There are large number of generic objectives in aged care services which includes financial value, profitability, image, quality of the aged provided and growth opportunities. The next stage is based in order to determine what kind of strategic platforms are evaluated using PESTLE and SWOT analysis. For this evaluation, a brainstorming session is conducted in every care services that will help to achieve the desired objectives. There must be major key plans allocated with every stage that will strengthen the strategies overlaps. The key plans will help to manage the difficulties and hindrances that take place in the care center and also help in building sensible targets. Two of the strategic areas are mostly Competent people and policies and processes and procedures i.e. 4Ps. Similarly, other strategic areas might include: portfolio management, compliance, customer centricity, quality improvement, financial stability, capacity building, image and brand management and partnerships. At this stage, when identification of tasks and available resources must be done in appropriate way that will ensure that the strategic stages are vigorous over the restricted timeframe in order to encounter the objective of a business. The end outcome can easily be represented on a single page for simplicity of communication (Sincy, 2016). The last duty is to line up the tasks below the different category of strategic platform to easiest link for planning the minimizing the risk factors involved in the failure to execute. The stage of prioritization is accomplished against the influence on every task against the business purposes and the easiness of finishing the task (Edvardsson, Fetherstonhaugh and Nay, 2010). The tasks which are quite easy to do but they have low impact on the objectives of the business must be avoided unless they act as a pioneer to something. It is an opportunity to imitate if the task that are set are really worth doing or not. In any type of organization, 60% of the tasks are not completed and focused on unless those tasks are more urgent or convey the major aim of the organization. The task which are difficult in nature must be focused less and those tasks must not be undertaken (Brownie and Nancarrow, 2013). And if in case they act as a precursor and carry higher impact, these tasks must be br oken into small and easier tasks. The tasks which have high impact must be accomplished as soon as possible and those which are difficult to do but have higher impact must be planned assiduously because they may include high risks and high rewards. Thus, creating and developing an aged care strategy in the given way will permit to link very easily with combined business planning as well as project planning processes. It is comparatively an innovative discipline within the strategic planning and management framework. It is not well established among the healthcare and aged care strategic planning process. Nevertheless, the application of the RBV in case of strategic management is growing rapidly and the main focus is on the competitive advantages which is entirely based on the internal resources of an organization. It also help to implement particular product marketing strategies. RBV is currently applied to healthcare and aged care services for comparing resources and deployment capabilities as well. RBV includes human resource management, information technology and strategic management to work more efficiently and effectively (D'Aveni, Dagnino and Smith, 2010). Thus, as a result it can be summarized that aged care services must be taken into consideration because these sector have highest priority on the elder people. In addition to this, there are several strategic tools which are commonly used to analyze the business. References Brownie, S. and Nancarrow, S., (2013). Effects of person-centered care on residents and staff in aged-care facilities: a systematic review. Clinical interventions in Aging, 8, p.1. Cameron, I.D., Murray, G.R., Gillespie, L.D., Robertson, M.C., Hill, K.D., Cumming, R.G. and Kerse, N., (2010). Interventions for preventing falls in older people in nursing care facilities and hospitals. Cochrane Database Syst Rev, 1(1). Change factory, (2018). Developing an Aged Care Strategy (online). Available at: (Accessed on 16th April, 2018). 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